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5 Social Media Marketing Goals You Can Achieve in 2024

5 Social Media Marketing Goals You Can Achieve in 2024

We’ve all heard ‘New Year, New Me’ way too much this month (probably at the gym we signed up for and stopped going to last week 😉). But what about ‘New Year, New Social Media Marketing For My Business’? Probably not… 😅

Social media is an insanely effective tool for marketing your business directly to customers. Revamping your social media in 2024 gives you the chance to set goals for your business this year. Here are 5 goals you can set, track and achieve:

GOAL 1 – Increase brand awareness:

The average Aussie spends about 2 hours on social media per day, making social media the best place to get your customer’s attention. 

Here’s how you can increase your brand awareness this year:

  • Create a social media strategy
  • Start posting consistent content that aligns with your brand and what you want to share with your audience 
  • Engage with your audience 
  • OR hire us to do all of these things for you so you can worry about other things like running your business! 

Ways to measure brand awareness:

It’s time to get some insight! No, literally head to your ‘Insights’ on your chosen platform and look at:

  • Followers: Are you losing or gaining followers? Is your audience mostly male or female? Are they located in your area? 
  • Reach: How many people are viewing your content? Is this different for reels, images, carousels and stories? 
  • Engagement: Are people interacting with your online presence? Check out shares, tags, mentions, likes and comments – are these growing?

This information is valuable in creating more effective content, tailored to the right demographic. 

GOAL 2 – Boost engagement:

It’s the magic ‘E’ word that everyone knows and loves (besides Emily – the superstar who wrote this blog 😉). Engagement is interactions with your brand that lead to loyalty, positive brand perception and recommendations. 

Ways you can increase engagement:

  • Post content that is relevant and interesting to your audience iIt should reflect the pillars in your strategy)
  • Video 👏 Video 👏Video 👏!!! The majority of social media platforms are favouring video content through their algorithms. It’s time to start filming baby – preferably in 1080p, vertical format, using the back camera on your phone (PLEASE! WE ARE BEGGING YOU 😫)
  • #Hashtags – these are very underrated and need to be used the right way! Hashtags can be vital when it comes to the algorithm sharing your content with new audiences. Use #’s that reflect your content, brand and of course, your strategy. 
  • ORRR hire us to help you do ALL of this! 

Ways to measure engagement:

Find out how many people are interacting with your content by viewing:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Replays
GOAL 3 – Drive traffic to your website:

Get in b*!#$h, we are going shopping 💻🚗😂

It’s time to strap in and let your customers take the wheel! Driving customers and potential customers to your website is usually the biggest goal we see from business owners looking to improve their social media. 

Ways you can drive traffic to your website:

There are a billion different ways you can do this but here are 3 we find works a treat!

  • Facebook + Instagram Ads – AKA one of our specialties! 💁‍♀️Click here to find out exactly how we do it. 
  • Share high quality, RELEVANT (‼️) content – consistently posting content that gives value to your audience attracts and builds, ultimately leading people to your website.
  • WIN WIN WIN – Giveaways and contests are a 🔥way of capturing, engaging and motivating your audience! 

Ways to measure website traffic:

  • Link clicks organically through your bio 
  • You can also utilise product tag interactions 
  • Click through rate, link clicks and cost per click via Ads Manager, for paid efforts. We also recommend looking at your landing page views too – this accounts for the people who clicked through, but then actually hung around to view the content of the URL
GOAL 4 – Build a community:

It’s time to start growing your cult 🤩! Kidding!! Or are we… 👀 

In our digital world, it is often common for people to feel connected with strangers online. Building a community with your audience = building trust. This can be very specific for some brands and essential for their audience.

Ways you can build an online community with your audience:

  • Make it personal 💝 Share your story, hopes and goals with your audience. Do not forget to listen to their story as well. Build personal connections!
  • Incentives – engage your community! These guys are different from followers and fans. They genuinely care, respect and engage with your business. Show them how much you love that with exclusive offers and deals. 
  • Use 👏the 👏right 👏platform 👏!! Which mode works for your audience? Facebook groups? Instagram channels? Slack communities? Discord chats? Email chains? Find the platform that works for you and your audience.

Ways to measure community engagement:

Depending on your chosen platform these might differ.

  • Follower growth – How many people are joining your community? Are they active daily, weekly or monthly?
  • Content interaction – Are people engaging with your content? Likes, shares, comments and saves. 
  • Contribution – Are your members also posting in your community? Do they share
GOAL 5 – Generate new leads or purchases:

Get your customers to start buying your products or services! 😍A lead is someone who has shown interest in your brand. You want to keep interacting with this customer so they eventually purchase something. 🤑

Ways you can generate leads:

  • Put a link in your social media bio. Yup! It’s as easy as that! 🤷‍♀️
  • Utilise product tags 
  • Add a CTA on your posts! ‘Link in our bio’, ‘Available now on our website’, ‘Shop Now’, ‘www.putyourwebsitelinkhere…’, 
  • Lead forms! Get your customer’s names, emails, phone numbers, etc. Meta Ads are great for this, you can attract higher-quality enquiries through their simple Forms tool, or sending traffic to your site


Ways to measure leads/purchases:

  • Get your Pixel set up if running paid ads, and ensure your events are triggering as submissions come through. You may need a Custom Conversion set up, depending on the type of form or landing page.  
  • Monitor DM’s or enquiries that come through organically 
  • Look offline too – while socials are fantastic at bolstering new leads, does your actual conversion process need some work? Do you require more direct verbal interactions?


Have you planned your social media goals for 2024? Let us know what they are in the comments! Who knows, we might even be able to help you achieve and exceed them! 😜


A total rockstar with all things organic content! Emily is a legend when it comes to coordinating our clients accounts, streamlining content & creating on trend reels & content. She loves a good laugh & banter – but most of all, her fur baby Elsa.

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