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6 tips to build your Social Media Management Toolkit

6 tips to build your Social Media Management Toolkit

We get it. The thought of planning, creating, editing and posting social media content can be seriously overwhelming. Luckily for you, I’ve built and broken down your social media toolkit so you don’t have to! 

Let’s dive in! 

⁠➡️ Content Calendar: A content calendar is a schedule of what and when you plan to publish upcoming content, usually an excel sheet. They are a great way to keep organised and make it easier to collaborate with your team. Make sure you are creating content advance, mapping out content pillars and checking any significant dates that are relevant for your brand to acknowledge.  😁

⁠➡️ Storage: How will you store, access and manage your social media content? Google Drive, & Dropbox are great systems that can be readily accessed and easily navigated so you can find what you need, when you need it.

⁠➡️ Brand Guidelines: You’ve heard us say this once, and I’ll say it again…consistency is key! Make sure you have your brand logo, colours and fonts all down pat and ready to go. They play an important role in your brand’s visual imagery and recognition. 

⁠➡️ Content Creation: What will your process be for creating engaging content? Will you be outsourcing your content creation? Will you be filming this in house? If you’re filming this in house, will you be planning reel days with the team? This is a very important system to consider because your content will ultimately provide value, build trust, build credibility, create a community & attract prospective customers. 🧡

⁠➡️ Apps: There’s no doubt we are on the lookout for faster, easier and more cost-efficient ways to create scroll stopping content. Here are some of our favourite Apps that’ll help you create social media content from scratch – Canva, Capcut, Adobe Lightroom &  Final Cut. Think about creating templates that you can come back to and re-edit [again consistency]. 

⁠➡️ Scheduling: What software will you be using? Social media scheduling tools make it easy for you to identify and schedule content at the most optimal time to post. Additionally, they are a great time saver, giving you the freedom to bulk post at once on multiple platforms. There are several different types of scheduling tools available such as Later, Meta Business Suite – start to jump on them! 🙌 

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Otherwise, if you have no idea where to start – leave it with us! We’ll build out the toolkit for you. Click here to learn more about our social media management services. 


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