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8 Apps to Simplify your Social Media Marketing

8 Apps to Simplify your Social Media Marketing

They say it takes a village to raise a child – and where most business owners are concerned, their brands are practically their babies. With that said, you’ll want to make sure you’re supporting your brand with the very best network of tools for organisation and efficiency, conducive for smooth and productive workflows, when it comes to your social media marketing. 

In house here at TMG, we have built some pretty strong foundations [even if we do say so ourselves] that enable us to meet deadlines, get those creative juices flowing and stay connected when crafting and managing content for our clients. 

Here are just some of our favourite tools that we simply cannot live without and have been total game changers in the social media marketing landscape [you’ll just HAVE to try these out for yourselves].

You'll thank us later for sharing these!

  1. ASANA – It’s basically our bible here at TMG and for good reason. It keeps us organised well in advance with client projects, daily to do lists and weekly reminders. 

  2. FINAL CUT PRO – Our go to for all things video editing. It’s super handy when it comes to creating reels and comes with a phone and laptop application too [talk about a win win].

  3. LATER – Our favourite scheduling software of all time. It’s hella intuitive and allows our team to work in our own flows, whilst its notifications ensures sure we never miss a beat. 

  4. CANVA – The content creators dream. It’s the one stop shop for all things socials and the possibilities are endless [need we say more] We’ve found that saving each client’s branding material into separate folders has been the best way to optimise workflows.

  5. LIGHTROOM – The team just swears by this photo editing software around. It’s super user friendly and enables us to enhance image content so it’s totally #instaworthy 

  6. SLACK – Practically our home away from home we’re on this so much. We use this platform as our internal team communications and have a separate channel for each client as well as one for updates, strategies and workplace bants of course!

  7. EMOJIPEDIA – We wouldn’t be working in the digital space if we didn’t have the emoji bible at our disposal. It’s a dream come true for us social media marketers and this comes in handy almost everyday [low key recommend that you save this one as a bookmark pronto].

  8. GOOGLE DRIVE – Now this one isn’t specific to the marketing industries but damn, it’s proven to be a total non-negotiable in our books. It keeps our team hella organised and you already know that we have folders inside of folders, that are inside more folders that are inside more folders again #trust the process.


It’s safe to say that we’d be L O S T without these platforms in our social media toolkit and boy oh boy have they made a massive difference to our workflows and internal processes here at TMG…

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The magician behind organic content and strategies, Melissa thrives when creating content that engages, fosters community and drives action – ideally with Princess Diaries playing in the background. Mad for pizza and 3pm cinnamon piccolos.

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