Facebook Ads Management

Welcome Pack

Welcome onboard!

We are *so* excited you are here!

We’ve put together this lil’ guide to walk you through what’s next, plus some handy pointers to make onboarding [and working together] a total breeze! 

First things first

Mia here, the founder of That Marketing Girl (TMG). Welcome! Our small and mighty team is so excited to turn cold prospects into sales ready advocates for your brand – and build an awesome working relationship too!

As your new Facebook Ad Marketing Girls, it’s really important we learn about all aspects of your business, from the technical side of things, your services/products, plus your brand inside and out, in order to deliver key messages to the right audiences through social media. This welcome guide will break down the onboarding steps for you, it’s really important we nail this from the beginning. 

But firstly…

Meet the people who
make us awesome


Managing Director & Strategist

That First Marketing Girl, and the master strategist behind all paid/organic campaigns. She’s filling your newsfeed with scroll-stopping content that connects, converts and delivers results. Always chooses the pinkest + sweetest cocktail on the menu. The ultimate crazy cat/plant lady, as represented by our green + furry office space.


Account Executive

The magician behind organic content and strategies, Melissa thrives when creating content that engages, fosters community and drives action – ideally with Princess Diaries playing in the backyard. Mad for pizza and 3pm cinnamon piccolos.


Social Media Coordinator

A total rockstar with all things organic content! Emily is a legend when it comes to coordinating our clients accounts, streamlining content & creating on trend reels & content. She loves a good laugh & banter – but most of all, her fur baby Elsa.


Social Media Coordinator

A complete specialist in all things strategic content & understanding a client’s brand inside & out. Tamsyn’s talent in conceptualising & bringing to life content is next level! If Tamsyn isn’t by the beach you’ll find her enjoying the prettiest of cosmo’s. 


Social Media Coordinator

An absolute social media queen! Leah has a great eye for detail [plus the latest trends!], implementing strategy & fostering community online. A secret weapon for our team & clients! When she’s not taking gorg insta pics, she’ll be caught planning her next Euro Summer!

What's Next

You've signed the agreement & paid your invoice...

Now we have some homework for you! Our onboarding consists of four stages.
We will be with you, in contact, every step of the way. Here’s a run down of what it will look like:

Completing the initial questionnaire

You will receive a link to this questionnaire in the email you’ve just received. You need to complete this and submit the questionnaire form once complete.

Topics we will cover;

Handing over your assets & content

Once step 1 is complete, you will then receive another email from us, asking for your assets and content that we’ll use while working together. You need to complete this and submit the form once complete.

Assets to collate;

Provide TMG access

Once step 2 is complete, you will then receive another email from us, asking for your access into Business Manager.

If this is complex or overwhelming, contact Mia @ TMG via mia@thatmarketinggirl.com.au to lockin some time to help you set it up.

We will need access to;

Audit + recommendations

Once step 3 is complete, we then get busy auditing your website making sure it is traffic ready.

Once step 3 is complete, we then get busy auditing your website making sure it is traffic ready.

We will then email you these critical recommendations for you to implement. We will not turn on any campaigns until this is done.

We then lockin a kick off call, run through our initial consult and strategy discussion, and start creating your ads.

YAY! Let the management begin! The official ad management period will commence from the date when we turn the ads on.


Just so we're both on the same page from the get-go...

These are just some extra pointers that are just as much helpful for you, as they are for us. 


Your main point of contact will be Mia or your assigned account coordinator. Contact hours are from 9am AEST – 5:00pm AEST. If you’d like to lock in time to discuss strategy, reporting etc over the phone, please give your account coordinator notice by arranging a suitable time. Otherwise, within your retainer is set aside time for communication [trust us, we love a good chat, so we’re quite generous with the allocation]. We truly believe in the value of open communication with our clients, however, if this is greatly exceeded, we will have to discuss tweaking our agreement to cover communication in excess of what your retainer includes.


You will receive your reports in the frequency as set in your service packages. These covers monthly results, wins + what we learnt this month. If you’d like to lock in time to discuss the report over the phone, please give your account coordinator notice by arranging a suitable time, and keep in mind the point above RE communication and contact.


Just reiterating what the agreement states, but all invoices are due within 7 days. We will not commence any work until payment is made in advance [usually you will be billed 30 days in advance]. Should payment be made late, there’s a chance our deliverables may be handed over later.

Client obligation

To make our partnership a success, you, our client, have obligations you must stick to. You’ve already agreed to these by signing our agreement, but here’s a reminder of what they are:

  • You must supply to us all required materials you want us to use, and all other content and materials TMG request in a timely manner. We’ll usually provide you with due dates.
  • You must supply all content in the following digital formats:
  • Text/copy: Microsoft Word or Google Document (clearly labelled and in correct order).
  • Tables: Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet (clearly labelled and in correct order).
  • Images: High resolution where possible (JPEG, PNG files).
  • Videos: high resolution where possible (mp4, mov files); files MUST be named. If sending over multiple files, they must be named in chronological order of clips.
  • Logos: vector format (Illustrator EPS/AI).
  • Diagrams/maps: vector format (AI) or (JPEG files).
  • If required: access to your current website and database via SSH, FTP and/or CMS/hosting control panel login.
  • Brand style guidelines.


During our agreement you may have amendments beyond scope of work that will equal additional services. If this is the case and the work is beyond our agreed upon scope of work, you’ll be issued a variation. Variations include:

  • Introduction of additional requirements not discussed during the initial process i.e. branding deliverables, launches (product, courses etc) introduction of video imagery, ad text, ad design and Digital Marketing Campaign focus. Please provide as much information as possible regarding your launches, campaigns etc before we start your custom social media strategy.
  • Costs for commercial fonts, photography, audio and video.
  • Additional Service management time.
  • Unplanned delays in obtaining approval, Client Content or feedback resulting in TMG having to reschedule services, staff or facilitate continuance. Please respect our processes and provide all feedback/tweaks in time. 
  • Overtime required to meet deadlines due to delays by the Client providing approval, Client Content or feedback.
  • Want to provide feedback and make minor amendments to your Ads in the approval stage?This is okay. Please note though, amendments excludes culling content and starting over fresh unless specifically agreed in a new scope of services agreement. Feedback does include minor alterations to copywriting, graphic design or image selection.

We’re not magicians

… As much as we’d love to be! We appreciate your respect in that from time to time, we are busy with other clients and cannot always respond instantly. We also really appreciate fair notice on work turnaround times. As much as we’d love to whip something up overnight or with a day or two notice, we do require fair notice on your latest offers/campaigns/changes to include within your content schedule. As most Ad content is created in two weeks – one month in advance, please give us two weeks – one months notice on your offers, content requests etc. And lastly, we cannot guarantee any kind of results – although, we will always guarantee that we [mind our language] will bust our booty’s to try our hardest to deliver the BEST results we can! 

Let the fun begin!

Now that we have the housekeeping out of the way...

Let’s get cracking! Again, thank you so much for deciding to work with us.
We cannot WAIT to get started and get this content on the road, and build a working relationship together!
We love the close knit bonds we get to form with our clients, it makes the work that much more rewarding.
If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mia.