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Help! What the heck is a Social Media Strategy?!

Help! What the heck is a Social Media Strategy?!

Do you find yourself just posting on social media for the sake of it, with little consistency or authenticity? And as a result, seeing no return from such efforts? Here’s where you need a strategy! 🙌

What in the world is a ‘Social Media Strategy’ and why does my brand need it?!⁠

⁠The short answer is that it’s basically one big handbook [aka your brand’s bible], in effectively meeting your social media goals. It’s a tailored plan that ensures we can target the right audience, set goals, create content that engages your audience, is platform friendly and measurable in terms of performance.

We have said this once and we’ll say it again… Strategy is everything! A chef wouldn’t bake a cake without a recipe and this EXACT same mindset and preparation goes for YOUR brand, no matter its size, industry or location! 

I’ve broken down some of the foundational elements of a social media strategy with some cheeky hints so you can apply these principles to your own brand [thank me later 😉]. 

⁠➡️ TARGET MARKET: Not everyone is your target market! Hot tip – you need to be very specific when defining your key personas in order to paint a crystal clear picture of who they are, what their lifestyle looks like, habits, purchasing behaviour, values & personality traits. ✨ This allows you to create content that’s perfectly tailored to them and more effective!

⁠➡️ BRAND VOICE: How does your brand sound to your audience? Professional? Conversational? Cheeky? Identifying your brand voice helps with positioning & building rapport with your audience. Remember to be authentic! 💛

⁠➡️ CONTENT PILLARS: These are the talking points that allow you to create content that’s equally diverse & dynamic.😁 They include storytelling [stand out moments in the business & milestones], educational [giving value & teaching your audience], engaging [content that’s on trend & relevant] and community building [highlight team members or sharing BTS/day in the life]. 

⁠➡️ ENGAGEMENT TACTICS: How are you connecting with your audience across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & LinkedIn? Remember to respond to all comments on posts, reach out to enquiries, connect with relevant industry groups, foster relationships with complementary accounts & be active on your own stories!

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