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How to take advantage of Video Content to grow your Business

How to take advantage of Video Content to grow your Business

In today’s digital world, VIDEO has become a non-negotiable when it comes to developing your brand #truthbomb 💣 We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again [and again, no doubt] – it’s critical that video content is at the heart of your marketing strategy, in order to remain current with ever changing platforms and trends.

Reels have undoubtedly changed the nature in which we create and consume media, with video being front and centre. But how can your small business adapt its marketing tactics to best reflect the needs and wants of their target audience, whilst producing video content?

We’re so glad you asked! 

Before you start filming, we *strongly* suggest outlining a plan of attack [because failing to plan, is planning to fail]. Start with some key content pillars and remember to keep it simple. We’d opt for Storytelling, Community Building and Giving Value, because your strategy should be more than just sell, sell, sell.

Next step is to brainstorm some topics relevant to your brand relating to each pillar and from there, flesh out some concepts to capture. What we do know though, is that it’s at this point that many small business owners start to feel overwhelmed 😰

But don’t worry … Help is on the way! TMG are here to jump start your creative juices:

  • Then vs Now → showcase your business journey and how you started
  • Share your WHY →communicate why you’re so passionate 
  • Celebrate the small wins → milestones, no matter how small are so special in business, so make some noise [you’re audience are just as excited as you are] 


  • Teamwork makes the dream work → introduce your team and why they’re special 
  • You’ve got a friend in me → do you have a fellow business pal that inspires you? ▪️ Share that love around and support your community
  • BTS → give your audience some exclusive access to see what a day in your life looks like [the good, the bad and the caffeinated 😂

  • MythBusters → is there a misconception about your industry? Solve that mystery and set the record straight
  • Back to School → create a how to series and educate with custom tutorials 
  • Share your Expertise →experience is worth its weight in gold, so answer some FAQs that always fill your inbox


VIDEO isn’t going anywhere and it’s more important than ever to adapt and pivot for ultimate marketing results in an ever-changing landscape.

3, 2, 1 ACTION 🎬 Happy Video Making and embrace your main character energy 💁‍♀️

Is your brand implementing more video content? Let us know in the comments below ⬇️


The magician behind organic content and strategies, Melissa thrives when creating content that engages, fosters community and drives action – ideally with Princess Diaries playing in the background. Mad for pizza and 3pm cinnamon piccolos.

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