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Celebrating International Women’s Day with TMG

Celebrating International Women’s Day with TMG

Happy International Women’s Day! 

As a female lead company, this is one of our favourite days of the year. And it’s only fitting, given we encompass all things women in our business – heck, it’s even in our business name!

This year’s theme “Inspire Inclusion” has really struck a chord with us.

Being a female-based team, all ranging in our 20’s, we’ve had to overcome a fair few hurdles to really be taken seriously in the industry. This has meant breaking many uncomfortable barriers and taking on ‘masculine’ energy and roles where needed, just to prove that women can dominate absolutely ANYTHING!

Our team isn’t just a group of professionals; it’s a collective of talented women who bring passion, diversity, and innovation to the forefront of social media marketing. Together, we’re rewriting the narrative and proving that an all-female crew is a force to be reckoned with.

In case you’re new around here or haven’t checked in for a while, we’d love to put a spotlight on the amazing women in our team:


Mia is the driving force behind That Marketing Girl. As the Managing Director, she leads the team and helps develop paid and organic social strategy for our clientele. Outside of work, Mia enjoys the simple pleasures like a day in the sunshine, organising house plants or selecting the sweetest cocktail on the menu.


Mel is the definition of the perfect coworker! She has been an integral member of our team for nearly four years. Mel not only slays in paid ads for our clients, but she's also our personal cake maker, creating some of the best sweet treats we've ever had!


Tam is one of the most organised people you will ever meet! If you've ever had the pleasure of working with her, you would know just how close her attention to detail is. In her off time, you will find Tam with her two puppies at the beach!


Em is our very own Bindi Irwin! Growing up in a small town in rural NSW, she is the ULTIMATE animal enthusiast. Em is a legend when it comes to coordinating our clients' accounts, streamlining content and creating on-trend reels & content.


Leah is the work chatterbox! Always keen for banter and conversation, Leah is always there for a shoulder to lean on in the good and bad. She has a great eye for detail and is a secret weapon for our team and clients!

Here at TMG, we’ve cultivated an environment where women are not just encouraged but empowered to speak up, take charge, and make a lasting difference. Because, let’s face it, supporting each other isn’t just a choice; it’s a game-changing catalyst for success.

Whether you’re part of the TMG family or cheering from the sidelines, let’s continue to empower each other, break barriers, and redefine what it means to be a force in the world of social media marketing.


An absolute social media queen! Leah has a great eye for detail [plus the latest trends!], implementing strategy and fostering community online. A secret weapon for our team and clients! When she’s not taking gorg insta pics, she’ll be caught planning her next Euro Summer!

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