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That Marketing Girl’s NEW Service is LIVE! Content Product Photography & Reel Creation 🎬

That Marketing Girl’s NEW Service is LIVE! Content Product Photography & Reel Creation 🎬

Have you heard the exciting news? We have FINALLY launched the new service we’ve spent three months developing…

Content Product Photography & Reel Creation! 😍

We are SO. EXCITED. to finally be able to announce this! 🥳

Our incredible Shaylie will be delivering this service for our clients. Shaylie [also affectionately known as Shazza] has been a Professional Photographer for over 5 years now. She’s a total expert with all things product photography, content photography and Reel creation.

Ngl, we freaking *love* her work! 😍 Working with us for this is as simple as:

1️⃣ Completing our questionnaire and 30 minute call to discuss your brand, strategy and vision.

2️⃣ Sending over your product to Shaylie’s studio in South Australia.

3️⃣ We create the content for you and ship it back to you.

4️⃣ Enjoy the new beautiful, fun and engaging content, made straight for your grid!


Check out some of our work, it’s just gorg. Perfect for eCom brands!

So, the reason we decided to offer this service was quite simple.

  • We want to help brands never run out of content again!
  • We want to take the hassle out of creating beautiful and engaging content for small eCommerce businesses.
  • And best of all… we wanted to create something that is accessible for eCommerce businesses across Australia. Simply send us what you’d like photographed or filmed for a Reel, we work our magic, then shoot everything back over to you. Saving YOU the time, effort and stress of organising a shoot yourself.


Want to learn more about this service, or book on in? Leave a comment below, click here to enquire or email our head marketing gal’, Mia at

We can’t wait to work our magic with your brand! 🪄📸✨


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