eCommerce Ladies Apparel Brand

Facebook Ads Management

Designing in Australia and manufacturing in Bali, this ladies fashion apparel brand began by working long weekends to sell and expose their product range in local markets.

The owners had recently invested in levelling up the brand.

This meant enlisting a team of specialists to update the website and overhaul the brand: Web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, email marketers, photographers and talent.


Content that converts

Key Challenge

The client had already invested in elevating the brand to become a worthy competitor in their desired market segment, they were ready to go hard and scale their sales with a robust Facebook ad funnel.

With a lack of expertise in social media marketing, the client needed direction in which areas were worth investing.


With the client rearing and ready to roll, we were able to go hard on building out a sales funnel to prospect a cold audience, retarget their warm audience and also retarget their hot audience.

Utilising their stunning professional content and trending mediums such as videos, we were able to optimise reel placement and story creative. We were consistent in keeping the audience engaged with fresh content, putting a focus on sharing new arrivals, items back in stock and leveraging influencer content, as well as a big focus on seasonal Ecommerce events such as Black Friday, and Boxing Day sales.

Results/Key Stats

From a $34,474.78 ad spend, the client generated a whopping $144,494.14 in revenue over 1407 purchases for a 4.19 ROAS!



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Sneak peek into the ad account

Our results = Your results


We’ve worked with That Marketing Girl for almost two years. The experience has been excellent from day one.

Mia and her team have played a pivotal role in growing our two clothing labels. We simply couldn’t have achieved our social media paid and organic goals without them.

Mia has always delivered on what she said her team would do for us. Her professionalism is honourable, this was key to developing an effective partnership.

The TMG team always had our best interest at heart. We freely gave them the creative license necessary to grow our brand on the Meta Platform.

Thank you for everything.