eCommerce Ladies Apparel Brand

Facebook Ads Management and Social Media Management

This eCommerce Ladies Apparel brand came to us pre-launch as a brand new label. Laying all the foundations to prepare for launch, the client was armed with a new website and professional content highlighting their ethically produced sustainable brand, championing sustainable fibres.



Content that converts

Key Challenge

As a new brand and market entrant, the client needed a strategy to execute a powerful market entrance! Without social media marketing experience, our role was to provide strategic direction and guide their investment into social media marketing.


With the client prepped and ready to launch, our target was building out a sales funnel to prospect a cold audience, retarget the warm audience and also retarget the hot audience.

We worked on a lucrative organic social strategy, focusing on styled brand photography, user generated and influencer content, and reels.

Utilising their fresh professional content and trending mediums such as videos, we were able to optimise reel placement and story creative. Putting a focus on sharing new arrivals, items back in stock and leveraging influencer content, we also put a big focus on seasonal Ecommerce events such as Black Friday and Boxing Day sales.

Results/Key Stats

From a $49,714.62 ad spend, the client generated a stellar $185,009.51 in revenue over 1258 purchases for a 3.72 ROAS!



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Data Doesn’t Lie

Approx 12 weeks of organic growth with social media management


Key Takeaways


Key Takeaways


We have used That Marketing Girl for over a year to manage our paid and organic social media. In that period, our fashion brands have grown revenue by over 1000%. TMG has played a pivotal role in making this happen. We had our first label for four years before giving Facebook ads a shot.

TMG’s ability to get our products in front of a much larger number of target customers enabled us to significantly move the needle. Mia made the required effort to understand our business and our target customer profiles. It’s been a pleasure going on this Journey with the TMG team. Based on the horror stories I’ve heard from other business owners who’ve engaged poor-performing agencies, I feel very fortunate to have found THG. Trust is essential in any business partnership; Mia’s integrity has earned our trust from the first day working together.

I’m happy to recommend TMG to any small business seeking to increase revenue using the Meta platforms.

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