Social Media Management T&Cs

Schedule 1: Services

The following Services to be provided by TMG:


Detailed Scope of Work

Social Media Management

 Refer to Scope of Work attachment and specific terms below

Custom Social Media Strategy

 Refer to Scope of Work attachment and specific terms below

Current Professional Hourly Rates for work outside of scope

 On ad-hoc basis


Schedule 2: Project Rates

 The following rates apply:


Project Rate

Social Media Management

The Works Package $2,199 AUD + GST per month, on a minimum 3 month retainer.


The Basics Package $1,899 AUD + GST per month, on a minimum 3 month retainer.

Custom Social Media Strategy

One off payment of $2,499 AUD + GST

Current Professional Hourly Rates for work outside of scope

$159 AUD + GST per hour, on ad-hoc basis

Scope of Work: Social Media Management – Basics Package

Social Media Management commences on the date of the first live post, and retainer will finish 3 months from the date of the first live post. Automated renewal will occur at the end of each retainer 3 month period, for another 3 month retainer. Your signed agreement T&C’s will roll forward. If you wish to cancel you must refer to clause 12.2 in agreement.

Before working with us, you must:

  1. Invest in a Custom Social Media Strategy first.

  2. Have an abundance of content on hand (photos or videos), or be willing to invest in content photography if you don’t have an abundance (we suggest you work with a photographer, or we are happy to recommend one of our preferred partners).

  3. Be willing to send over content on an ongoing basis in the duration of our retainer (video and photo).

Terms and Conditions specific to Social Media Management:

  • Each month is paid in advance. Work will only commence once the invoice has been paid.

  • Client must not go rogue and continue to post on their feeds whilst we’re in Agreement, as it will go against their social media strategy and workflow organised by their Account Coordinator. Should a client have a specific post request, they must consult their Account Coordinator to organise this to go live.

  • If payment is not made within 14 days, notice to cancel will be given as per the Agreement. 

  • The client must approve/provide feedback within the dates specified of receiving content in email. Should the client provide no written notice of feedback or approval, TMG will assume content is approved to post. Should the client contact us after the due date with changes, TMG will do our best to accommodate, although there is the possibility of delays in posts or posts having to be pushed back, as this impacts TMG workflows, or being charged a variation depending on the circumstance, as per the Agreement.

  • Amendments DO NOT include culling individual posts and starting over with a fresh post, unless specifically agreed in a new scope of services agreement. 

  • Amendments DO include minor alterations to copywriting, graphic design or image selection. We ask that you communicate your amendments per post in the comment section in the calendar.

  • TMG asks that you provide to us your amendments in one hit within specified dates, to improve workflows, and prevent any unnecessary back and forth.

  • TMG asks that if you have amendments and have left comments in the Google Spreadsheet, that you please notify your Account Coordinator via email, as TMG do not receive notifications of comments being made. TMG also asks that if you make comments or have new content you’d like to use, for eg new image selection, that you send these over in the one email. It makes it easier for TMG to action your changes in our workflows.

  • If TMG do not hear back from you within the specified dates, we will assume that there are no changes and everything is all good and approved to post. 

TMG will use their best endeavours to manage your social media profiles but does not guarantee any return on investment, revenue goals, sales, a certain profit margin etc through the social media management.

Scope of Work: Custom Social Media Strategy

A custom social media strategy document (covering Facebook and Instagram only) for your business, with a 60 minute consultation call at hand over.

Completion of a questionnaire so we can learn about your business, inside and out. 

Kicking off with an in-depth questionnaire that covers all areas of your business, we collect information to understand your USP, listen to your goals to develop a strategy document with clear deliverables. We outline the following:
  • Foundations – an outline of your account goals, your audience segments and how we’re going to use social media to meet these goals.

  • Account health check – provides an overview of what is/isn’t working and discovers untapped opportunities in your strategy.

  • Competitor social account research – to provide an understanding of where your competitors are positioned, and where your brand has leverage.

  • Actionable recommendations – covering everything from your Facebook to Instagram account. Also covers where relevant influencer marketing and other potential sources of digital marketing to explore.

  • Instagram Reel and Stories template – includes a breakdown of Reel and Stories to create with visual examples, prompts and explanation of how to film + execute in house.

  • Bespoke content strategy – covering content frequency, content creation, creative aesthetic with visual guidelines + moodboard, content pillars, hashtag pillars and more.

  • A one month content plan – full of prompts for implementation that can be used as a framework across multiple months.

  • Engagement strategies and community outreach tactics – to connect with your target market.

  • Outline of metrics – so you can understand how results will be measure to determine the impact and effectiveness of social media strategies.

  • Plus – support on any other relevant strategies tied to your organic social media marketing efforts.

Following the handover of your custom social media strategy, we then lock in a 60 minute consultation call to walk through, debrief and equip you for its implementation. Hosted on Zoom, where you can record the session and come back to it down the line.

Terms and Conditions specific to Custom Social Media Strategy:

This package covers how to optimise organic efforts only (i.e. using either social media functions that do not require paid promotion). It is not a strategy for paid Social Media buying/advertising.

TMG will use their best endeavours to create a successful social media strategy but does not guarantee any return on investment, revenue goals, sales, a certain profit margin etc through the Social Media Strategy.