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3 Reasons why using Trending Audio is CRUCIAL!

3 Reasons why using Trending Audio is CRUCIAL!

It’s no secret that trending audio plays a HUGE part in successful content creation, particularly in Reels and TikToks. Here are three reasons why it is SO beneficial ⬇️ 


Trending audios are in most cases widely known by the vast majority of reel/TikTok watchers. By using a sound that has gone viral, you are able to build a connection with your audience whilst having fun! Trending audios often come with built-in recognition and familiarity among audiences. People might be more inclined to like, comment, share, or participate in discussions related to familiar and trendy audios. This can ultimately enhance the reach and impact of your content.


Using a sound that has gone trending, usually implies that content with said sound has a better chance of ‘going viral’. Viral content tends to spread rapidly and gain widespread attention, reaching audiences far beyond your immediate network. This can lead to an influx of new followers, increased brand recognition, and potential opportunities for collaborations or partnerships. 


By using trending audios, you can stay up-to-date with the latest cultural and social trends. Incorporating trending audios into your content can help you connect with your audience and show that you are aware of current popular culture. It keeps your content fresh and engaging, increasing the likelihood of attracting and retaining viewers or followers.

How can you spot a viral sound on Instagram? 

Lucky for us, Instagram has made it simple to detect when an audio is trending. All you have to do is spot when there is an arrow beside the title of an audio. That arrow indicates that the audio is being heavily circulated across the platform. See below..

I went to each of our girls to find out what their favourite audio was in May. 

Don’t be afraid to hop on a viral audio trend, it can really help your business. We hope that this was able to help you maximise your chances of having viral content! Be sure to follow ‘That Marketing Girl’ for more social media advice.


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