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Working from Home? Are you Prepared?

Working from Home? Are you Prepared?

Working from home is the dream, amirite? However…..[and this might burst your bubble] it’s not always that glam. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working from home and I wouldn’t change it, but I will let you know some hot truths, plus how you should prepare for the WFH journey.

Let's get you ready to smash it!

✨ Have a designated workspace

Having a separate workspace in your home is essential for yourself and anyone you may live with. This is your space where you are “on” and can’t be disturbed. This will also encourage set routines and allow you to “finish work” for the day and turn your brain off. Also, if you don’t have plants in your workspace, you are doing it wrong!


✨ Set clear boundaries

When we work from home, we get stuck in luxury and think we can go on all the lunch dates with our friends. But, of course, we have the flexibility to do so, but make sure to have boundaries that stay that way when you are in work mode. It is so easy to lose focus and get caught up, and then next thing you know, you are three deadlines behind and working until 11 pm every night to catch up. 


✨ Get a good organisation system

Boy, oh boy, being organised is KEY to working from home. If you aren’t organised, it will get real messy quick. Have lists, calendars, more lists and then more lists on the lists. We love Asana, Google Cal and slack to stay organised. This also gives you a good excuse to buy some cute notebooks from Typo 😉 [because cute notebooks motivate us to write in them – or is that just me? 🤔].


✨ Get a good coffee machine

Because of reasons.


Would we recommend working from home? HELL YASSSSS 🔥 Just make sure you take in the less fun sides and prepare yourself for success! 

Now, go kick ass kings and queens! You got this.

Shaylie xx

PS – I’d love to hear your best working from home tips in the comments below. Fire away, we’re all ears here! ⬇️


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